August 16, 2010

Unusual Tales - They Didn't Believe Him

"Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain.

From Charlton's MYSTERIES OF UNEXPLORED WORLDS #3 [1957] comes this 4-page story "They Didn't Believe Him", about a forest where a young man tries to convince his people that his visions of a mermaid aren't signs of insanity.

The final page is hidden because even at the small size it gives away the surprise ending.  Click to see the page.

Very nice art by Ditko on this one.  One nice touch is the birds in a few panels, always nice to see those Ditko birds, even when incidental to the actual story.

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  1. And what does this teach us?

    It is always someone ELSE who is meshuges!



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