September 6, 2010

Unusual Tales - Flying Dutchman

"Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain.

"Flying Dutchman" is a 6-page Ditko drawn story from Charlton's OUT OF THIS WORLD #4 [1957].

Two sailors survive an attack on their ship, but the ship they hope will be their salvation turns out to be the Flying Dutchman of nautical legend.

Ditko did quite a few sea-based stories back in the 1950s, and it's easy to see from this story why he'd be assigned such scripts. He just does a gorgeous job with the ships, the waves and the period clothing.

Before the story, some links:
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As this story appears in the Snyder/Ditko KONGA #25 [2018], I'm only including the first page below.

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