December 2, 2010

New Ditko - ACT 6 and more

Now available, ACT 6, the latest in Ditko's series of brand new 32-page comics, featuring the return of Miss Eerie, The Cape, The Outline, The Grey Negotiator and an intriguing new feature called The P Masks. Details on it and other Snyder/Ditko publications over here, as always.

Look for a preview of the cover to the next book tomorrow.

Also released recently, the October issue (v21#10) of Robin Snyder's fanzine THE COMICS features an unpublished page from the Flash Gordon story "Web of Treachery", written by George Kashdan and drawn by Ditko, intended for issue #40 of the series back in 1982 (if you're going to be in Harrisburg, PA, go here for more). Subscription details for THE COMICS also here.

And last week saw the softcover edition of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS DOCTOR STRANGE v1, which comes a few issues short of Ditko's full run on the character.



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