April 2, 2011

Upcoming Ditko - More on Hulk/Torch

Couple of updates on the recently announced HUMAN TORCH & HULK: FROM THE MARVEL VAULT #1.

If you haven't followed the comments on the original post M. W. Gallaher posted a link to a 1981 fanzine news page that mentions the story, confirming it was intended for MARVEL TEAM-UP, and also mentioning a Moon Knight story by Jack C. Harris and Ditko that's also never been published.

And JCH himself popped in with a few details about the story.

And not confirmed, but I've been told Karl Kesel is indeed inking the story, in addition to scripting it.

Also, the original posted price of the special was incorrect.  It'll be $2.99, not $3.99.

And it looks like the story will be included in the tradepaperback FROM THE MARVEL VAULT in the fall, along with the already published Stern/Vokes Doctor Strange story, a Thunderbolts story and maybe one or two other one-shots which haven't been announced yet, in case you want to wait a few months and get it in that format.

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