January 17, 2012

New Ditko - DC's DITKO OMNIBUS v2

Now available is DC's THE STEVE DITKO OMNIBUS v2, collecting Ditko's three 1960s stories featuring The Hawk And The Dove, plus almost (but not quite) everything else he ever drew for DC not included in the matching OMNIBUS v1 and CREEPER  hardcovers published in the last two years.


  1. Flipped thru it at my LCS. Will be getting it. Looks like they collected the rest of Ditko's DC output (is there anything they overlooked??)

    This one has his Hawk & Dove, Man-bat, Legion, and Starman work, plus some other stuff.

  2. I'll have my copy soon to verify (and maybe Brian will have an entry for the book on Ditko Fever even sooner), but I'm pretty sure they didn't include Ditko's pages (18-23, 33, 34, 43, 44, 47) for the Wonder Woman story in DC SPECIAL SERIES #9 [1978], his 8-page Green Lantern chapter of a longer story in ACTION COMICS #642 [1989] and a few other minor bits. The original solicitation also didn't have all his Legion stories, but hopefully they caught that.



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