December 27, 2012

Ditko in 2012 wrapup

Fairly light year for the Ditko fan out there. Only two issues of his on-going series of one-shots co-published with Robin Snyder.

#16 Sixteen [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]
#17 Seventeen [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]

The latter contained the first in a new series of essays by Ditko.  The second appears in Robin Snyder's newsletter (with more perhaps on the way, it's running a bit behind schedule).

The Comics v23 #7 [Robin Snyder]

Rob Imes got out three issues of his fanzine devoted to Mr. D.

Ditkomania #87-89 [Rob Imes]

Et si vous parlez français, il y a une nouvelle biographie de Ditko par Tristan Lapoussière.

Steve Ditko - L'artiste Aux Masques [Les Moutons Électriques]

The only really notable reprint of classic Ditko came from DC, with a book reprinting his work on The Hawk  And The Dove and Starman, plus other DC characters that he didn't create or design. This means DC has a nearly complete set of Ditko work they published in three matching hardcover volumes.

Other than that there was the usual assortment of public domain reprints and some minor stuff from other publishers.

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