April 23, 2013

New Ditko - Mr. A. in THE COMICS

Robin Snyder's newsletter THE COMICS Vol. 23 No. 11 [November 2012] features a retrospective on Ditko's Mr. A., including a black and white version of the wraparound Mr. A. cover to THE COLLECTOR #26 [1972] (also used as the centerfold in both MR. A. [2010] and THE COVER SERIES [2010]), a bibliography of Mr. A. appearances from WITZEND #3 [1967] to the present and articles by Joe Frank, Batton Lash, Joe Brancatelli and Rodney Schroeter.

Ordering and subscription info for THE COMICS is available on this page. You can also order the recent and upcoming FOUR-PAGE SERIES collections of new Ditko essays from Snyder, and the other in-print Ditko material he has.

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  1. Are you able to order just a specific issue of The Comics, or do you need to have a subscription?



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