February 6, 2018

New Ditko - STEVE DITKO'S MR. A. no. 7 now available

Now available from SD Comics, STEVE DITKO'S MR. A. no. 7 [2018], a 48-page $5 comic and the perfectly logical book to follow up on

MR. A. no. 1 [1973] (reprinted 2010)
MR. A. no. 4 [1975] (reprinted 2015)
MR. A. no. 15 [2014]
MR. A. no. 18 [2016]
MR. A. no. 21 [2017]
MR. A. no. 24 [2017]

Featuring the conclusion to Mr. A.'s battle with the Knifer from the previous issue, plus various reprints including an old favourite "Case of the Silent Voice" from 1975 and one of his earliest published essay, "Violence, the Phony Issue" from 1969.

Available now or soon from the usual sources, including co-publisher Robin Snyder over here with the other Snyder/Ditko publications, now by popular demand accepting PayPal. Act quick, as Snyder informs me that the currently no. 1 and no. 18 are out of print, and #17 - SEVENTEEN [2012] is the first of Ditko's 32-page series to go out of print.

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