September 24, 2019

Bill Schelly, R.I.P.

Just wanted to quickly note the passing of Bill Schelly, a comic creator, historian and publisher, who early on was one of the fanzine publishers to print the Mr. A. work of Steve Ditko in his SENSE OF WONDER publication. In more recent times he wrote the definitive biographies of Joe Kubert, John Stanley, Harvey Kurtzman, Otto Binder and James Warren, as well as books looking at the early days of comics fandom, including his own autobiography SENSE OF WONDER.

Mark Evanier has more here, and his publishers at Fantagraphics have some memories of various associates.


  1. Bob, I also paid tribute to Bill on my blog:

  2. Bill was the definition of a mensch. I'm a WASP, so I am treading on very thin ice using this word, but it is the best word to describe Mr. Schelly that I can find right now. His Kurtzman bio was gold.
    Thank you sir. You made this comic fan happy and wiser. Your work will endure.



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