June 18, 2020

New & Upcoming Ditko - THE RETURN OF GORGO #31 and GHOSTLY TALES

The latest SD Comics release is now available, THE RETURN OF GORGO #31. Headlining the issue is the second issue of the series from 1961, a 30-page epic by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Also included are a trio of 1950s short stories with some compatible themes, all stories in full colour. Plus a short essay by Ditko and some letters. Should be available now from the usual sources.

And the next SD Comics Kickstarter is currently running, and features the return of the Charlton title GHOSTLY TALES, where Ditko's work appeared regularly from 1966 to 1977, with a cover from another title Ditko appeared in often in that era, THE MANY GHOSTS OF DOCTOR GRAVES. Ditko did over 200 stories for various Charlton horror anthology titles in that decade-plus, so there's a lot to choose from. Bit late on announcing it here, I'm sorry to say, but still over a week to go and it's already almost made the minimum funding goal.

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