September 23, 2021

Spider-Man / Doctor Strange rights termination by Ditko Estate

The estate of Stephen J. Ditko (represented by his brother Patrick S. Ditko) has filed a termination of rights granted to Marvel for the first Spider-Man (1962) and Doctor Strange (1963) stories, termination to be effective in 2023.

Noted for posterity.

See here and here (not sure if links are permanent).


  1. To update, several other creators and creators' heirs have also filed similar terminations (including Don Heck, Larry Lieber and Gene Colan) for other characters/stories. Marvel has sued to block those terminations for the cases we know of, including the Ditko estate.

  2. The more the current circus of miscegenations at "Marvel" brand management company tries to hold on to this stuff, the more sure and certain their destruction becomes. I hope justice is finally done by the legal system but I am not hopeful.



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