February 20, 2006

Cracked #226 [1987]

Ditko was a regular contributor to Globe Communications' CRACKED briefly in the mid-1980s, usually doing just one or two page stories in a series called "Robot War" (which seems to be Spy vs. Spy, but with robots). He also did a few longer parody stories, such as this 5-page version of the cartoon Thundercats called, naturally enough, "Blundercats". The story, by Mike Carlin, is no great shakes, might make more sense if I was familiar with the characters at all, and does get a few points for featuring a Krazy Kat reference. Ditko does make the best of it, doing that great ink-wash style that he often did when working for black&white magazines, and his characters are nicely expressive and animated, and some really creative use of sound effects to direct the eye and add to the humour.

I haven't seen them, but a bit later Ditko also did several short stories for Globe's MONSTERS ATTACK title.


  1. Ditko was doing Cracked and Monsters Attack! concurrently and contributed some great stories to the latter!

  2. Was the work concurrent? I wasn't sure since there's a two-year publishing gap between his last CRACKED and first MONSTERS ATTACK. Anyway, a post on MONSTERS ATTACK coming up later this week, Mort.



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