February 6, 2006

Ghostly Tales #93 [1972]

As I mentioned before, Ditko doing covers to non-Ditko books was pretty rare, with only about two dozen examples, and about half the examples come from Charlton comics in the 1970s, when for a long while that was the only mainstream company to feature his work, so presumably giving him as much work as he could handle

This one illustrates the Pete Morisi interior story "The Kept Promise", featuring a much more detailed version of the big screaming green face that figures into the story, as well as a nice shot of the host of the book, Mr. Dedd. That really is a great screaming face, one of those many Ditko trademarks, and some nice detail work on the haunted house.

A really eye-catching cover that looks good from a distance as well as close up, and the printing, if not the colour registration, is much better than the interior printing.

Cover - 00658

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