December 11, 2006

Upcoming Ditko - Action Heroes v2

A big volume of hard-to-find Charlton Ditko coming next year from DC. I believe that this, with the Captain Atom stuff in v1, makes up everything from Charlton by Ditko that DC has the rights to.


Written by David Kaler, Roger Stern, Michael Uslan and various; Art by Steve Ditko, Alex Toth and various; Cover by Ditko

Collecting classic stories by master artist Steve Ditko from the pages of CAPTAIN ATOM #83-89, BLUE BEETLE #1-5, MYSTERIOUS SUSPENSE #1 and CHARLTON BULLSEYE #1, 2 and 5, plus the title story intended for BLUE BEETLE #6 (published in CHARLTON PORTFOLIO #9-10) as well as an 8-page Question story by Alex Toth and a foreword by Charlton's then-editor Dick Giordano.

384pg. Colour Hardcover $75.00
On Sale May 23, 2007


  1. I've held off on getting the first AH Archives. This makes me want to get both of them (and prehaps sell off the Charltons this reprint). Some have complained that the stuff from Charlton Bullseye & Charlton Portfolio (it was CPL #9/10 btw) are reprinted in B/W, but that how they appeared!!!

    MY complaint is they leave out the Aparo Nightshade stuff from CA #87-89, so I can't get rid of those issues!


  2. BLUE BEETLE #6 and CAPTAIN ATOM #90 were produced by Steve Ditko, the artist, and Dick Giordano, the editor, to be published in color. That was the original intent which is what matters. The titles were cancelled before they could be published as intended. The fact that the issues were rescued from oblivion and printed in a fanzine that could not afford to print them in color, as they were intended to be, does not mean they should be considered black and white works.

    DC's decision to print them in b&w in a $75 prestige format Archive book is a display of contempt towards their customers, the fans. Their customers should not be naive and should not rationalize DC's attempt to turn them into suckers.


  3. Yeah, I think they should publish them in colour, especially at this price. Does anyone know if the Captain Atom story is going to use the version that appeared in BULLSEYE (scripted and inked by later creators) or if they have access to Ditko's original pencils? If they're going for black and white I'd definitely rather see the latter.

    The early Aparo would be nice to see, too. Is there enough for an ACTION HEROES v3? I guess that'll leave Peacemaker, Judomaster and Nightshade among the Charlton characters DC acquired (did they get Sarge Steel as well?).

  4. DC got: Peacemaker (5 issues, and an unpublished 6th), Judomaster (about 10-12 issues), Nightshade (3 backup stories in CA), Sarge Steel (10 issues, plus backups in Thunderbolt).

    T-Bolt went to his creator. Mercury Man (2 stories) went to someone else. E-Man went to his creators.

    No idea about Prankster (1 story by Aparo), Sentinels (3 backup stories, no great lose), or some of the pre-AH superheroes like Yellowjacket, Mr Muscles, Nature Boy, etc.




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