February 27, 2007

Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #20 [1969]

After some FF, Iron Man and Watcher stories, this issue reprints "Beware Tiboro, The Tyrant Of The Sixth Dimension", a 10-page Doctor Strange story from STRANGE TALES #129 [1965]. Doctor Strange is being questioned about his alleged "magic" because of his refusal to appear with some debunking scientists on the TV show "The Twelfth Hour". Instead they mock Strange on air ("[his] theories are as ridiculous as his attire") and display an allegedly mystical idol that was found in Peru. When the lights go out during the show, the three "scientists" vanish. Strange is called in to investigate, and recognizes the idol as having powerful magic, which a consult with the Ancient One verifies as a sign that the long vanished Tiboro of the Seething Volcano is ready to attack our reality. Strange allows the idol to transport him to the Sixth Dimension, where he's able to defeat Tiboro and return the captured humans to Earth. But now that they know magic exists, they want to bring that knowledge to the world, something Doctor Strange isn't too happy with, so he wipes their memories and turns back time so they can resume their magic debunking. In between all this is some mumbo-jumbo about how the decay of Earth's civilization causes Tiboro to return, so mankind has to work towards peace to prevent that.

Cute little story, I liked how those experts were so dismissing of magic on the show, and Doc having his cloak attack Tiboro from behind was a great visual.

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