February 18, 2007

Monsters on the Prowl #16 [1972]

This issue features a reprint of the 5-page "Where Walks the Ghost", which I think is from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #68 [1961] (there's appears to be some confusion in some sources with another story of the same name in AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #11 [1962] and the similarly named "Where Lurks the Ghost" in TALES TO ASTONISH #25 [1961]. Can anyone with the originals verify?).

Anyway, following a nicely designed splash page with a man and several rats racing from a simple ghost in a haunted house we get the story of criminal Big Monk McGak, who escapes from his prison bound train and digs up some money and a disguise he had hidden. To find a place to hide until the heat is off he goes to real estate agent and asks for a haunted house to rent, supposedly to get in the mood to write a TV series. The agent has something in mind, but is reluctant to show it, but McGak strong-arms him. Of course it turns out that the agent is a ghost himself, who scares McGak into running to the police.

Pretty simple story, but there are quite a few Ditko design bits to recommend it, in particular the bits of the haunted house that we see, and the rats are always a nice touch.

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