July 12, 2008

Dark Dominion query


I picked up a handful of early Defiant comics cheaply, and I noticed that the ad for the Dark Dominion #0 card set (first image above) has two cards that definitely appear, given the small size, to be drawn by the announced art team of Ditko/Leialoha, and which don't appear in the actual card set (the 150 card standard set, at least, I don't know about the insert cards), as well as the demon image which also seems to be Ditko/Leialoha and appeared in a promo for the series (second image above) that still said it would be Ditko/Leialoha mere weeks before it came out. I'm not sure about the third image, another early ad for the series, which has hints of both Ditko and Leialoha, but doesn't quite seem right, but that may be it being blown up larger than intended.

So, my question to those who paid more attention to the line than I did, is there any other Ditko artwork for the series that only saw print in promotional and advertising material?

Also, regarding the published card set, the 117-card / 26-page story definitely seems to be Ditko inked by someone other than Leialoha (apparently credited to Keith Wilson and Grey in a later issue). I'm not so sure about all of the 33 "character cards" that round out the set. Most of the fronts are definitely Ditko, others seem not to be, or heavily inked. The backs don't seem to have as much Ditko, but there are some images that definitely seem to be Ditko or someone trying really hard to make it look like it is, but the images are pretty small.The ad mentions other insert cards. 9 foil stamped cards with a hidden image viewable with a special lens, 4 cards with DD characters with other Defiant characters, drawn by both Ditko and the artists of the other books and, most surprisingly, 10 cards with original Ditko art. Given that contents of the set changed at the last minute, can anyone confirm if those extras exist as described? And given the success of the set, have any of those Ditko originals, if they exist, ever been seen, or are they probably buried in an unopened case in a warehouse or landfill somewhere?

Have I mentioned how stupid I think releasing a comic in this format is?

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