July 20, 2008

Mr. A. - The Shirt

This ad that appeared in DITKO PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE [1991], and I believe some issues of CBG around that time, always cracks me up.

Why? well take a closer look:

You know you're hardcore when your stance on compromise extends to fabric blends!

I'm kind of sorry now that I didn't order the t-shirt. Anyone get one? Or the sticker? Mort, are you out there? Any chance there's a case of shirts sitting somewhere? XL preferably, but hey, I need a good incentive to trim down, so L will do.

And I still hope we someday see that origin of Mr. A. (I think one of the few images from the series to make it out into the wild is the one linked to here).


  1. Bob,

    I bought the t-shirt and the sticker many years ago and wore the t-shirt for quite a while. I may still have it around somewhere, but its no longer wearable. I'd certainly get another if there were more for sale (I wish they'd re-issue the Ditko Spidey and Dr. Strange t-shirts).

    Nick C.

  2. Is there any Ditko item you don't have Nick? I swear, between you and Brian I feel like I'm at best a dabbler in the Ditko field.

  3. Well, I don't have Ditko's Spider-Man poster and one or two fanzines, but otherwise....

  4. Ah, the 6-foot door poster... That and the '63 promotional pin-up are my Holy Grails. They pop up on eBay every now and then, but I'd need to win a big lottery to ever afford them. Still missing a pantload of fanzines, though they seem to turn up eventually. Wish I'd thought to snag this stuff back then, when it was eminently more affordable. Still, collecting is half the fun...


  5. Mort Todd here: I may still have some T-shirts in storage somewhere!

    We were going to do a Mr. A mini-series in color (a first) and Steve was going to introduce an array of super-villains, and A's origin but after orders were solicited they unfortunately did not warrant printing them up!

    I wrote a TV pilot based on the Mr. A 'Angel' story but networks said it was too violent!

    We did shoot a promotional video that ran at conventions. It had Mr. A saving a comics fan from a gang of bullies!

  6. Mort, if you find the shirts, let us know. I don't think you'll have any trouble selling a few now at a reasonable price, and might want to pick one up myself.

    I'm surprised to hear the MR. A series was going to be in colour. I don't recall that from what little I heard of it before. I guess that may explain why he hasn't used the material in his subsequent publishing ventures.

    And the video, tell me you have a copy of that video!!! Did someone say "YouTube sensation"?

  7. I'd love to see the video and purchase a tee shirt or two as well Mort!



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