October 16, 2008

Ghostly Haunts #37 [1974]

Ditko draws the 7-page story "The Ancient Mine", written by Joe Gill. At the end of an Alaskan summer, oil man George Rabb is determined to sink some promising wells in an area of the tundra despite warnings from some of the locals that it's an old burial ground. The diggings come up with some odd stuff, including some beasts that come to life (oddly that pterosaur in the background of one panel isn't actually mentioned by any of the characters). Finally they unearth an ancient man who comes to life, confused by his surroundings.

The story just kind of meanders to an end, but has some pretty good Ditko action and designs. The ancient man is for some reason coloured green with a purple loincloth, which kind of makes him look like the Hulk...

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