October 17, 2008

Upcoming Ditko - Ditkomania #69 out next week

Courtesy of Rob Imes, here's a preview of the Michael T. Gilbert cover for DITKOMANIA #69, which will be mailed out to subscribers next week Tuesday.

In addition to the Gilbert cover, the 32-page issue will have:

- A back cover by Dave Sim
- Rob Imes reviewing the new DITKO, ETC...
- an article by DITKOMANIA founder Bill Hall
- a 2-page article by Will Murray
- an article by Nick Caputo reviewing a Ditko-drawn Charlton ghost story
- a 6-page lettercol (including letters by Dwight Decker, Sam Kujava, Tristan Lapoussiere, and Mike Tuz)

Ordering details, as always, over here. Note that PayPal payments are now available, which should be especially welcome to international Ditkomaniacs who were reluctant to pay via money order before.  All the issues since the revival (#64-#68) are still available for US$1.50 plus appropriate postage, as are many second printings of the original run for various prices.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I hope to get my copy soon. Am still awaiting #67 and 68!!



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