February 27, 2009

New Ditko - Ditkomania #71

DITKOMANIA #71 is now going out to subscribers and (along with the previous issues) available for order, and featuring a great cover by Neil Vokes.

See Neil Vokes' site for some of the background work on the cover, including sketches for several unused versions.

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  1. Rob's Ditkomania just keeps getting better and better, and I'm not saying that because I happen to be represented in this issue! Larry Johnson's article on Ditko's inventive art for Charlton in the 1970s is on the spot, as is his back cover of Dr. Graves. The reviews on Ditko's current output are intriguing and Neil Vokes cover is exceptional. Rob's Ditkomania is truly a labor of love and all Ditkomaniacs should give it a try.

    Nick Caputo

  2. Thanks, Nick! I'm glad Ditko is putting out all these new comics for DM to have reviews of, so that it doesn't all become about his past work. I think I revived DM at just the right time!



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