February 28, 2009

The Unexpected #190 [1979]

Here's a rather unusual bit from Ditko's work at DC. During the "DC Implosion" some of their horror comics were cancelled (HOUSE OF SECRETS and DOORWAY TO NIGHTMARE) and the planned contents for them were placed in the new triple-sized "Dollar Comic" version of a surviving title, THE UNEXPECTED. This format not having ads, the introductory page was printed on the inside front cover, and in this case featuring the hosts from the two defunct books, Abel and Madame Xanadu.

This page was written by Mike Barr and drawn by Ditko, and is Ditko's only contribution to this issue. A slight gag, but Ditko puts his experience in drawing rooms full of mystic and arcane curios to good use, and the black and white reproduction on slick cover stock serves his work better than a coloured interior page would have.

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