October 31, 2009

Scary Tales #7 [1976]

"Halloween Scene" is a 7-page Ditko story in this issue. There's an opening scene of a woman waking up in a locked department story on Halloween night, leading to a second page splash where she runs into a demonic beast, which then proceeds to chase her through the store.  Her attempts to get help don't work, as the people on the street just assume she's part of the store's Halloween display.  Then there's a weird twist at the end.

A really good short horror tale, with the leaping demon being a really good Ditko design, especially with a good three-panel zoom into its face in the climactic scene, and the chase through the store using the setting well.

By the way, that mannequin head on the bottom of the splash, displaying the host of the title Countess Von Bludd (I think, maybe "Baroness"?), doesn't really look like Ditko, does it? I'm thinking either drawn by Joe Staton or based on a drawing by him.

This issue also has a 2-page text story, "Moon Murderer", which re-uses some Ditko artwork for "The Last Bite" from GHOSTLY TALES #121 [1976] to make three illustrations for the story.

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  1. Re the head at bottom -- yeah, sure looks like Staton!



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