October 13, 2009

Unusual Tales - Ditko Stories 1957-1959 Introduction

So, to sum up, Ditko made his comic debut in 1953, and then in 1954 became a prolific regular at Charlton Comics, including many classic covers. Then he had only a single story and cover published in 1955. Most of those stories can be read here.

In 1956 his work began appearing in various stories at Atlas/Marvel, a total of 17 stories from April 1956 to April 1957. List of those stories and the few reprints of them over here. No full stories, I hear those incoming mice are litigious...

At around the time the last of those was appearing, his work returned to Charlton's pages for a much longer run than his first time around. He'd also later return to Marvel in late 1958, while continuing to work at Charlton.

This series of posts will, eventually, cover all of Ditko's non-Marvel work from 1957-1959, which means mostly work at Charlton, though there is an oddity in there that we'll get to eventually. That's just over 200 stories, a bit over 1000 pages, plus about 40 covers (I'll leave the numbers vague since you never know what new information will pop up). That's a busy three years by any measure, and don't forget he also did almost 200 pages for Marvel in that span, full pencils and inks on almost everything.

(Note the 1959 cut-off is arbitrary. He did continue for Charlton beyond that, although his work was increasingly for on-going features like Captain Atom, Konga and Gorgo. There are about 30 non-series stories from 1960-1962 that I'll include in another series if I ever finish this one, and hundreds more from 1966-1978 that I won't)

No promises on frequency, but I'll try to get everything I can posted in less time than it took Ditko to draw them. I'll probably post them in pretty much random order (though I'll provide a chronological list), with a bias towards never-reprinted stories first.

A list of stories posted is over here. 
Part one, unreprinted stories, wrap-up (notes, highlights), here.

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