March 31, 2010

New Ditko - CREEPER and others

DC's reprint of Ditko's various stints on his creation The Creeper is out today, the hardcover THE CREEPER BY STEVE DITKO.

Also out recently, various reprints from Marvel in their Masterworks lines, hardcover and softcover, and some reprints from Dark Horse bringing all of his 1980s INDIANA JONES stories into print, and some redundant reprints of some Warren stories.

As usual, details on recently published and upcoming stuff over here.

1 comment:

  1. While shrink-wrapped, had a chance to take a look at it in my LCS last night.

    they note on the back that this DOES contain the 'unpublished' Creeper story intended for Showcase that showed up in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade, so this IS a complete Ditko Creeper collection.

    The collection overall looks like the recent hardcover Kirby collections DC has been doing, rather then their archives. So I assume the paper is similiar to those Kirby collections.



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