March 21, 2010

Unusual Tales - Orgo Serves

"Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain.

From Charlton's STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #39 [1958] comes the 5-page "Orgo Serves!".  Odd little story about a scientist who has a robot servant that he uses in his experiments, which involve repetitive experiments with high explosives in order to build a powerful bomb.  And also apparently a lot of typing.  The explosives part doesn't end well, so he probably should have stuck with the typing.  Then there's a bit of an odd twist ending.

Ditko's art is a bit sparse in this period, but I think page three, with the explosion, has some really nice elements.

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1 comment:

  1. The art does seem sparse in the sense that it is lacking in places for detail, but I seem to see that where there is detail, the eye is drawn to it. This cannot be accidental.
    The story is wonderfully simple.
    The ending is a clinker.
    When he said "space ship", the reader is cued in to think, as I did, that the professor is either an alien or from the future.
    But a robot himself? Oy vay!
    Either the great man wrote this himself or he was already a student of Stan Lee across the way.



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