May 31, 2010

Just Married #79 [1971]

One of the rare pure romance stories, with no fantasy overtones, by Ditko in this issue, his only story for this long-running Charlton title.  "Dream Of Love" is a 7-page story about Dorothy, a young woman working as a script consultant for a small summer stock company.  As the season goes on, she gets more involved in the production, first doing re-writes on the script and then filling in when the lead actress leaves for Hollywood, and also getting romantically involved with the director.

A pleasant if unambitious little story, Ditko tells it effectively, with attractive leads and some nice attention to detail in the theatrical setting.  He does hit the heart imagery for the romance angle a bit heavily, at least once on every page, which is probably overkill, especially for a story appearing in a romance book.

As an example of how important the romance genre still was to Charlton at the time, there's a house ad in here which features the logos for 11 different romance titles running at the time.

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