May 27, 2010

New Ditko - Spider-Man reprint with pencils

Marvel's softcover Masterworks line gets up to The Amazing Spider-Man v4 this week, collecting the last 8 of Ditko's stories of his co-creation, and the first few post-Ditko issues. For the first time, this version also apparently has reproductions of copies of Ditko's pencils for #31. Feel free to comment on that if you get a copy.

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  1. I flipped through this at my LCS. The first half of the ASM #31 pages are penciled layouts (some quite tight by Ditko's standards), the rest have had the lettering added but are still uninked. The scans came from Marie Severin. A few of the things that struck me:
    1) The blurb on the cover ("dedicated to YOU - the great new Marvel breed of reader") is already there in Ditko's cover layout, which surprised me.
    2) The informal-style credits ("Mellifulous Lettering by...", etc) have also already been added by Ditko at the pencil stage.
    3) The new characters Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborne are both named by Ditko in a margin note.



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