June 8, 2010

Tales of Suspense #19 [1961]

This issue includes the 5-page story "The Haunted Paper" by Ditko. A clever thief manages to always have an alibi for the cops, but when the taxman is after him has to skip town. He changes his appearance and uses his unearned wealth to buy a small-town newspaper. There he finds that "mistakes" made by his elderly typesetter are in fact accurate predictions of the future, a power he's determined to understand and exploit.

A cute little morality play so common in stories of that era.  Some really nice artwork by Ditko in this one, with the usual eye-catching splash page and some nice action bits with the criminal on the run from the law on page two.  The highlight of the story for me is page four, with the various renderings of the old typesetter being a great example of Ditko's style at the time, with a lot of character and emotion in the face and some really fine inking, especially in that last panel.

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