June 20, 2010

Unusual Tales - The Faceless Ones

"Unusual Tales" is an on-going presentation of public domain Ditko comics work originally published from 1957 to 1959.

"The Faceless Ones" is a 5-page story that was published in Charlton's THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #12 [1957]. Since then it's only been seen in  GHOST MANOR #54 [1981].

There's an obvious point of interest in this story from the title, when you consider one of Ditko's super-hero creations a decade later.  Other than that, it's a nice little science fiction short with a twist ending that provides Ditko with some nice visuals to realize.  Whoever the writer is, he added some atypical poetic flourishes to Dr. Haunt's narration.  Check out that introduction, "You mistook my dry voice for the thin scratching of dead leaves across your windowpane".

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