August 24, 2011

Ghostly Tales #60 [1967]

Two 8-page Ditko stories in this issue, both inked by Rocke Mastroserio, who inked quite a few pages of Ditko's work at Charlton in the 1966/1967 era, mostly Captain Atom stories but also a handful of ghost stories like these.

The issue opens with  "If I Had Three Wishes", written by Gary Friedrich, where an Egyptologist names Jason Partridge is rewarded for his interest in knowledge rather than riches with a golden scepter which grants wishes of riches, life and death. As in every story with such a plot, the wishes don't quite work as expected.  Not too inspired a story, and most of the artwork is just adequate, but there are some absolutely wonderful bits when Ditko is drawing the Egyptian statues and artifacts. Host Mr. Dedd's reactions to the events are also pretty amusing.

Closing off the issue is "The Ghost Mover", the tale of Howard Croft, a man who makes home movies of himself doing various death-defying stunts.  His latest plan is to set up some cameras in a house that's believed to be haunted. Again, not too inspired a story, and nothing quite as special in the art for Ditko/Mastroserio to show off their artistic chops at the Egyptian stuff in the first story. Mr. Dedd does seem to find it all quite amusing.

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