August 9, 2011

Unusual Tales - Can This Be Real?

"Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain.

"Can This Be Real?" is a 6-page story first published in Charlton's MYSTERIES OF UNEXPLORED WORLDS #9 [1958]. A reporter named Eddie thinks he's got a big scoop when he snaps an infra-red photo of the FBI capturing a spy, but when he develops the picture he finds there's a bigger story in the two strange men in the background.

Clever little story, and a lot of great storytelling by Ditko.  In particular take a look at the bottom of page 3, a nice example of Ditko's work from the era, and a perfect final panel. A lot of good uses of the tall shape you get from the 3x2 six-panel grid.

But before the story, some links:
New edition of classic MR. A available
New issue on Ditko's black&white work out soon
Ditko/Wood STALKER in upcoming DC collection
Scans in this series generally adapted to my personal tastes from those copies

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