March 6, 2013

--Link-- PUBLIC SERVICE Kickstarter and Kicktraq page

The Kickstarter campaign for the new edition of THE DITKO PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE continues, doing quite well as it approaches half the goal in only two days, and as yet no notice from the mainstream on-line comic book "press".  They have important dead sidekick news to cover and press releases to re-format, you know. Can't say I'm really surprised, given the (lack of) coverage of Keiji Nakazawa's passing a few months back, but I guess I'm naive enough to continue to be disappointed. And it's also kind of funny, given some of the subject matter of PUBLIC SERVICE, which looks like it's going to do fine without them.

Anyway, check out the campaign if you want to order a copy of the book, and if you want to keep an eye on the progress see below, courtesy of this page on Kicktraq. Image above from the first page of the book.

The Ditko Public Service Package -- Kicktraq Mini


  1. To be fair, one of the Comic Journal's columnists touched on the Kickstarter campaign. But that's obviously a little different from ComicBookResources or Newsarama.

  2. Had to double check that, and I assume you mean the mention in a comment to his weekly post by Joe McCulloch. That doesn't really count, though I'm sure McCulloch will mention the book in depth soon, since I think he's the only one writing for a major comics site to ever write in depth about any of the recent Ditko comics.

  3. Yup, Comic book land is a place full of alliances and a weird notion of people being part of a comics community.
    A place where so called fans mock creators and their families while hero worshiping Dan Petrocelli, and flocking to super hero trade shows. The cult trappings, pettiness, and self-congratulation see around various places is more than a little creepy. So of course Ditko is ignored. He isn't a member of the club.



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