March 13, 2013

PUBLIC SERVICE Kickstarter hits goal

Well, ten days and 143 backers later, and the Kickstarter for the new edition of THE DITKO PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE stands at:

Hey, that's higher than the goal, so as they say at G. Ness Publishing:

Still 22 days to go, so we'll see how high it goes. Sounds like the makings for a contest. What do you think it'll finish at, dollar total and number of backers? You can check here for some analysis on the trends so far. Post a guess in the comments. No prize, except bragging rights.  Or if the winner wants, I'll send out some Ditko doubles I have, mostly 1970s Charltons.


  1. I think it will break 8k -- hopefully enough to get us another reprint of something equally rare!

  2. I'll stake my claim at $12,538 closing, and 375 backers total.



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