October 31, 2016

New Ditko - #25 & OUT OF THIS WORLD #20

It's that time again...

If your choice is the first one, than you should  know that these are now available:

#25, latest in this series of Ditko's 32-page collections, this time returning to The Madman, and OUT OF THIS WORLD #20, latest in this long-running series of one-shots, this time reprinting two Charlton stories from the 1957, two QUESTAR stories from the 1970s (printed sideways on two pages per original page), one MONSTERS ATTACK story from the 1990 and one STRANGE AVENGING TALE from 1997. Both published by Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko, ordering address over here, or available now or soon from the usual sources (retailers interested in carrying the Snyder/Ditko line contact Snyder for wholesale rates).

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