November 1, 2016

Upcoming Ditko - #26 with Miss Eerie and ...

Ditko and Snyder aren't stopping with the recent #25. Coming soon is:

#26, which as you can see features the return of Miss Eerie, the character who debuted in DITKO PRESENTS [2009].  This will be the eighth Miss Eerie story, bringing her up to 64 pages if it's an 8-pager like all the others have been.

A few more familiar faces, including:

This will be Rex Graine's first return to the 32-page series since OH, NO! NOT AGAIN, DITKO! [2009], although he's had a few solo issues, both new and reprint, since then.

(or possibly it's The Outline, hard to tell with this small scan)

More details when available.

1 comment:

  1. Are you sure that's not The Outline rather than Mr. A? It looks more like The Outline to me. Of course, they do have certain similarities. :-)

    A new Mr. A publication had been teased as their next Kickstarter project, though - for the 50th anniversary of the character.



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