April 19, 2007

Beyond The Grave #6 [1976]

Seems like some odd perspective going on over on this cover-only effort from Ditko. A pleasant enough mild horror, using a variation (without the sexy woman) of the "oblivious to danger from behind" motif of this classic (also seen on many Joe Kubert war covers).

Unfortunately spoiled a little in the production by that superfluous Charlton logo slapped on one character's face. Let me go back in time 30 years and send Charlton a memo:

Attn. Charlton:
Re: extra logos defacing Ditko covers
You should know that reminding people that they're buying a Charlton comic by spoiling the artwork on some fine covers is counter-productive. For the most part people are not buying books because they're from Charlton, but despite it.

Thank you for your attention.

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