April 21, 2007

Racket Squad in Action #12 [1954]

Wow, I hope that's not actually the racket squad in action, but rather the racket they're going to have to act against. Because that would be some really bad stuff coming from the racket squad.

Some more from the early Ditko, this cover doesn't quite work for me, although it's very brutal and striking and has a lot of strong individual points. Having the kid getting blown up already with a cane even before the explosion seems like unnecessarily stacking the deck on the pathos. And the Ditko tie on the bomb thrower is nice.

I also like the various ways Ditko put his signature on many of these early covers (on the crate, below the exploding boy).

1 comment:

  1. This cover has its rough spots in composition, but there are some nice touches as well: the detailed backgrounds and the man in the car were well done.

    Nick Caputo



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