April 24, 2009

It Stalks the Public Domain - Day of Reckoning

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So, did you know that in his first year at Charlton Ditko did stories called "Dead Right", Dead Reckoning" and "Day of Reckoning". That's just asking for confusion, isn't it? Hopefully I got them right...

"Day of Reckoning" is a 6-page story of maritime horror from THE THING #15 [July 1954]. Pretty standard story about a miserly ship-builder who tries to cheat some workers, gets entombed in his ship, vowing revenge, and then then we see how the three killers get their comeuppance.

Some great looking period-piece artwork in here, with lots of ships and pirates to draw. Of particular note, the panel I chose for the close-up here of the man having his mouth stitched shut is an especially gory moment among Ditko's early work. And kind of looks like something Steve Bissette would draw...

Scans adapted to my personal tastes from those found, and available for free download with registration, at the Golden Age Comics Download site. To buy Ditko comics and things on paper, go over here for ordering info on his ever-expanding catalog of creator-owned works and over here for info on recent and upcoming releases from various publishers, good and evil, and find out more about the fanzine DITKOMANIA over here.

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