April 6, 2009

New Ditko offer for Canadian fans

Knowing first-hand the difficulty with Canadian ordering of individual copies of the recent Ditko publications released by Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko (the cost of money orders, currency exchange, postage, etc), I've arranged to have some of them available for sale through this site, with PayPal payment and hopefully reasonable postage.

Right now I've just got a small quantity of some of the more recent books. If those sell with minimal hassle I might arrange to carry the whole set of in-print books. Let me know if you'd be interested even if not ordering now so I can gauge interest.

Initially this offer is only to Canadian buyers. If I don't sell out quickly I might take other orders, but I'd also urge any retailer (US, Canadian or any other nation) who does a good quantity of mail-order to contact Robin Snyder for his wholesale terms. I think you'll find them quite reasonable, more than enough to turn a profit, and I'll be happy to use this site to direct grateful customers your way (who might buy other stuff from you).

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