April 15, 2009

Upcoming Ditko - DITKO PRESENTS

As is becoming traditional, the new Ditko publication DITKO ONCE MORE has an announcement about the next one, DITKO PRESENTS. See the cover for as much as I know about it.

Order info as usual, including the price when I know it for sure (more than likely the same $4 as the other recent books), over here.

Assuming PRESENTS comes out this year, and has the usual original Ditko work on three of the four covers in addition to the 32 interior pages, that'll make it 142 pages of new Ditko this year (counting the 2-page essay "The Ever Unwilling" in THE COMICS v20#3). Easily his most prolific year of the century, and if he keeps up this pace and writes a few more essays it could be his most prolific year since the early 1990s (and unlike in some years, he'll have written and inked and lettered all of the comics, too).

So, comments section of this post is the pool, how many pages of new Ditko will there be by the end of 2009. One guess per person, in the event of an over/under tie the under guess wins. Remember, this is not a competition, it is only an exhibition — please, no wagering (though if anyone gets it right on the dot I'll spring for an actual prize of some kind).


  1. Hey, great cover!! I'm looking forward to both Ditko Once More and Ditko Presents. I'll be optimistic and guess 300 pages! (Technically I think Ditko Continued came out at the end of December, though I think it was planned for January release.)

    I notice the ticket says "#7" but if that is counting the other Snyder-Ditko releases, I think it should be #6, not #7. Personally I think I'd prefer if he just stuck with the "Ditko Presents" title and kept it numbered from #7 (or #6) - on for future releases, easier to keep track of in checklists and so forth.

    Anyway, this has been quite the past 13 months, hasn't it??

  2. Yeah, I'm going by the date listed in the comic, since that's the only real way to historically measure annual page counts. Robin does seem to be getting them to the printer early, though.

    300 is definitely optimistic, but then Ditko does have a history of releasing a big chunks of original work in one go (Mocker, Static v2, Public Service, 160-Page Package, 176-Page Package) so who's to say he doesn't have at least one more of those waiting in the wings, especially with 7 years of no new comics released.

    I was wondering about that "#7", since it doesn't make sense for the current series (#6 or #5 make sense, depending if you count AVENGING MIND or not). Could just be an arbitrary number where the design needed a ticket #, since there's been no hint of a series numbering (which I agree would be nice) in the existing books.



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