September 24, 2010

New Ditko - DITKO #5-FIVE ACT

Just released from Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko is DITKO #5-FIVE ACT, the latest 32-page original comic book from Ditko, featuring five stories, including returning features The Madman, The Grey Negotiator, The Cape and The Outline, and a new feature listed as "The W..." on the cover. Also a few single page features.

Over here for ordering information direct from Robin Snyder and all of their previous and future releases. Retailers interested in carrying this or any of the other Snyder/Ditko publications should contact Snyder for discounts and minimums, his wholesale terms have recently improved to the point that you're almost definitely getting a better price than similar publications offered through your main distributor.

I'll also have copies available, see here or check Ebay.


  1. Another great issue -- Ditko still at the top of his game, and still innovating!

  2. Man, I have loved Steve Ditko's work since he stole my imagination with the mid-60's Dr. Strange artwork. So great!



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