August 22, 2008

A convention tale...

So, I'm at a comic convention, which is probably always a mistake, but anyway, I'm digging through some bargain bins, which is what I do (Ditko finds were minor, but included some of his 1980s Marvel work (some INDIANA JONES, a Speedball short), the last WORLD'S FINEST with a Creeper story I needed, a few Charltons. I was hoping for a lot more 1970s Charltons, after finding a stack of them for $1 each last year, but no dice).

Anyway, just as I find a few early issues of BADGER I need, a light shines in my face, and I glance around and see it's a TV crew. So I go back to checking which issues of BADGER I need. Well, what would you do? Then the TV guy for some unfathomable reason decides to interview me. And I'm not even dressed as a Jedi Knight! Seriously, bizarre, you few reading this who have met me know I'm sort of the exact opposite of telegenic. Anyway, I don't think I really did too well with the interview, was a bit distracted, and probably should have gone with my first instinct and just asked them to get that camera out of my face, so I doubt it'll make it to air. For the most part I rejected the premise of every question I was asked (comics as an investment, fantasy as the main appeal of comics, the Batman movie having anything to do with anything). They seemed kind of surprised by the fact that I had a list of every comic I own on an electronic device (which I geekily call Mother Box, though I didn't think to call it that on camera, which I regret), and that I have about 13,000 comics, all of which I've read or intend to read.

But the reason I'm posting this on the Ditko weblog? The reason I was distracted? Because I kept wishing I had a dog so I could re-enact this scene from the DITKO PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE...

I love that book, so, so much.

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