August 17, 2008

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #13 [1986]

The last of seven issues of Marvel's Handbook series to feature a Ditko illustrated entry, this one seems be to picked at random. Toad is, of course, a very early villain of the X-Men as an underling of Magneto from the Jack Kirby comics of the 1960s. If Ditko had ever drawn him prior to this, it manages to elude me, as I don't even think he appears in the AVENGERS ANNUAL Ditko drew around that time with the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Help me out here people, am I missing some major Ditko Toad action? Oh well, it's not a bad illustration, with a nice sneering face and some great Ditko hands.

The ever-versatile Josef Rubinstein handles the inking chores on this and the rest of the book.

And because this weblog prides itself on absurd completeness, you can pick up reprints of this edition of Marvel's handbook, with the Ditko artwork (maybe not with the ROM page, for rights issues. Anyone know?) in this book and this book.

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