August 9, 2008

Sidebar poll

For a lark, and because I might want to use it for something later, poll over in the sidebar on favourite Ditko heroes. I actually messed up, and should have made it plural in the title, since you can vote for more than one, so feel free to pick a few. You can even pick them all, but that's kind of self-defeating...

The results of this poll will prove absolutely nothing. Unless Killjoy wins, in which case it will prove for all time that Killjoy is the greatest hero of them all!!!

Unrelated, except that details on how to buy comics with Killjoy are on the page, but the page on the Snyder-Ditko books in print has been updated with Robin Snyder's e-mail address, for those who had enquiries on international postage and bulk orders.


  1. Shade's my favorite. Not only in character and powers, but also in setting and storyline. I like Killjoy, it's an excellent combination of hero and comedy, but Steve's only done what, maybe four stories of him? Or are there more that I don't know about?

  2. Three Killjoy stories, and I wasn't a huge fan of the third one, but the second one is just that good.

  3. The third KJ is not as good as the first two, having him speak.

    Shade is pretty good, and it sucks it is left on a cliffhanger. As he's used similiar themes in other storylines (Fly, Mocker, etc) you wonder how much of what was planned for Shade was recycled in those stories.

  4. It may be the "standard" (or even "cliche") answer, but it really is Spidey for me. The stories were incredibly well-plotted, the art was Ditko at the top of his game, and there was a joyous humor to leaven the sometimes seriousness. Reading and re-reading (and RE-reading!) these books over the decades, they never fail to genuinely thrill me.

    Plus, you left out The Void! ;-)


  5. How can I vote for Killjoy if you've closed the poll?

  6. Hey, you had a week. Anyway, next poll I hope Killjoy does a bit better, even if I have to "accidentally" leave Doctor Strange off...



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