August 14, 2008

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11 [1986]

Ditko's lengthy run on ROM, wrapping up the series with writer Bill Mantlo and a variety of inkers, had concluded a few months before this issue of Marvel's Handbook series came out, so he appears here with the primary illustration in the space hippie form that he ended the book with (um, spoiler alert). Of course, no one would recognize that, so a proper ROM figure appears behind.

Joe Rubinstein provides the embellishing. Man, he must have been getting sick of this series by this point...


  1. I don't know about Rubenstein -- but I sure hope you move past this series soon!

    C'mon, Bob, let's see more classic Ditko!

  2. Just one more Handbook one to go. I figured I'd get them all done while I had the books handy, as I want to move some stuff like this into storage or sell them.



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