May 9, 2009

Blue Ribbon Comics #1 [1983]

While Ditko was the regular artist for Archie's 1983 revival of THE FLY under their Red Circle imprint he also drew the wraparound cover for this first issue of BLUE RIBBON COMICS, which contains reprints of the original version of The Fly from 1959, by Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Al Williamson and Angelo Torres.

Rudy Nebres on the inks, and there's some pretty heavy and lush brush work going on there, as you'd expect, so a lot of the Ditko doesn't come through until you look closely at the anatomy and composition. Good looking book overall, with some nice reprints inside.

1 comment:

  1. I have that comic (I believe I have all the superhero comics from that phase of Red Circle), but never realized it was done by Ditko, since, as you noted, the inking by Nebres really overpowers it.



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