May 29, 2009

Eerie #5 [1966]

Archie Goodwin writes the 8-page story "Black Magic" for Ditko to provide the full ink-wash treatment.  In this tale, the wizard Valdar, confident in his long-studied mastery of black magic, aspires to raise the dead, despite the warnings of his old teacher.  Unfortunately for him, he's unaware of one of secret that the master kept from the apprentice.

A great story by Goodwin, with some smart dialogue and a clever twist that is completely fair, well foreshadowed and still a surprise. Ditko matches him all the way, with one of the best of the stories he did with the ink-wash effect. The smokey demons Valdar conjures in the first scene set the mood nicely, and the effect of the final spell gone wrong are about as scary as anything he ever drew.

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