May 14, 2009

It Stalks the Public Domain - Comeback

You know the drill, all of them listed here:

"Comeback" appeared in all its 5-page glory in Charlton's THE THING #15 [1954].

Circus freak shows were always a good setting for classic horror comics, so no surprise that Ditko had one with that setting in his early days. The feature of this sideshow is Flexo, the rubber man, who dreams of great wealth, and doesn't care if he earns it or takes it. Seeing the new girl in the show, Satana, the Devil Woman, has a fortune in gems along with her snakes, he drugs and kills her, but is soon enough broke again, and then finds out that crime does not pay.

Decent enough story, and a few really good Ditko visuals, like the old snakes that so often figure into Ditko stories.



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  1. Thanks heaps for illuminating the legend of Steve Ditko. The more I see, the more I love!



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