May 8, 2009

It Stalks the Public Domain - Family Mixup

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The last of five Ditko stories from Charlton's THE THING #15 [1954] is the 5-page story "Family Mixup". Pretty much your bog-standard EC-style plot of an unhappy couple planning to do each other in for insurance money, only to find their fates sealed in a more ironic fashion.

Not really among Ditko's best from the era, either, although the title page is nice, as is the panel of the couple begrudgingly making nice to divert suspicion on page 2, and the twin nightmares on page 3.

Most scans in this series adapted to my personal tastes from those found, and available for free download with registration, at the Golden Age Comics Download site. For comics on paper first head over here for ordering info on his available creator owned material co-published with Robin Snyder (including the upcoming DITKO PRESENTS) and head over here for info on recent and upcoming books with Ditko from all publishers, including the fanzine DITKOMANIA.

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